What is fine art wedding photography?

fine art wedding photography triptych

Fine art wedding photography is an approach that wedding photographers use who concentrate their efforts on infusing style & story into their imagery.  The entire event design is taken into consideration as the wedding photographers consciously craft their photographs into works of art that reveal an intimate narrative between the viewer & photographs. Photojournalistic embellishments naturally will occur throughout the wedding to achieve a more “candid” look as well.  However, the wedding photographers mostly focus on capturing incredible lighting, guiding the couple into organic poses, & creating balanced compositions. The final result creates a magazine quality series of images that can hang like pieces of artwork throughout your home for years to come.

Inspired by fine art wedding photographer legends such as Jose Villa, Sylvie Gil & Erich Mcvey, we provide all our couples with an aesthetic using conceptual undertones to achieve a final product that is extremely different from the objective approach of a photojournalist.

To match & honor the artistic merit of your wedding photographs, all couples will receive their wedding photos displayed in a fine art flush mount album.